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    EMDR Provider

    About Ragan

    Ragan Anderson, MA, LPC is the founder and chief executive officer of Mindful Counseling, LLC. What started as a solo practice in late 2019 has grown into a group practice and has been expanding ever since. Today Mindful Counseling, LLC has multiple therapists that provide in-person counseling in Shreveport, La and multiple therapists that provide online counseling throughout the state of Louisiana.

    Ragan Anderson’s Background

    Ragan has been working in the mental health field since 2014. She graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Master’s degree in counseling and guidance with a concentration in clinical mental health counseling. She then earned her Licensed Professional Counselor License. Ragan is also trained in EMDR therapy. EMDR is one of the more recommend treatment for trauma and abuse for children and adults.

    Taking what she learned from the traditional model of mental health care, Ragan set out to create something different when she started her private practice. Her attention to detail in the whole client experience and treating her staff exceptionally well have built a reputation of excellence recognized by the community.

    Ragan’s commitment to positively impacting lives remains unwavering. Her primary focus involves cultivating a vibrant and comfortable work environment, dedicated to promoting self-care among the staff and clinicians. Ragan firmly believes that by ensuring the well-being of clinicians, they are better positioned to deliver exceptional care to their clients, benefiting from enhanced mental health and equipping them to provide the utmost quality in their services.


    Ragan currently offers in-person sessions at our Shreveport therapy office. She accepts Aetna, BCBS, and Cigna insurances and is currently accepting new clients.